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Expert witnesses will make or break medical malpractice lawsuits. We find the best specialists worldwide to testify on your behalf while solidifying your case.

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Oklahoma City Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Our main focus is malpractice

At Clark and Mitchell, P.C., we dedicate our firm to medical malpractice and personal injury. By honing in on certain areas of the law, we are able to use all of our resources researching new techniques and using our past experience to strengthen your case. Many lawyers won’t accept medical malpractice cases; they’re complicated by nature and often require going to trial if the insurance company won’t settle high enough. We’re not afraid of the hard work it takes to develop a successful court case and will take that route if it’s in your best interest.

We have a reputation of success

Together, attorneys Clark and Mitchell have won more medical malpractice cases than any other law firm in Oklahoma. Our success stems from a few areas; insurance companies, knowing that we are willing to go to court if we don’t approve of their settlement, will offer us higher settlements to begin with in order to prevent the expensive trial process. Additionally, we have a licensed RN, Heather Mitchell, as one of our attorneys; her industry knowledge of hospitals is invaluable.

We take on fewer cases to focus on yours

Out of all the potential cases that come across our desk, we take on average one out of every ten. Why would we turn down paying clients? Because we know medical malpractice and personal injury cases require all of our attention. These are complex cases that many lawyers will pass on. To work as hard as we can to get you the highest payout possible, our attorneys don’t spread themselves thin.

No law firm in Oklahoma has won more medical malpractice cases

We help those in Oklahoma City and the surrounding counties of Canadian, Cleveland, Grady, Lincoln, Logan, McClain and Oklahoma. However, if you’re in another part of the state and can’t find a qualified attorney in your area to help with your medical malpractice lawsuit, we can talk. Contact us today by filling out the form on our site.

Our attorneys aren’t afraid to go to trial

We’re experienced in medical malpractice cases

We’ll get to know you and your case personally

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Medical_records_blog_post We frequently ask people to get their medical records when initially discussing their cases over the phone. Having documentation of their medical issue helps us decide whether we should take further steps to evaluate a caller’s potential case.
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Dedicated Oklahoma medical malpractice attorneys.

We Fight on Behalf of Our Clients

Working hard for Oklahoma residents - no matter what

We know that medical malpractice suits take a higher level of effort than other types of cases; we also realize that patients who go to trial in these cases nationally only win roughly 20% of the time. This does not deter our efforts. Attorneys Clark and Mitchell will go above and beyond to find the right resources to help your case succeed - even if they’re not within Oklahoma or the United States.

Yes, trials can get expensive, and sometimes they can last for two years or longer. This does not prevent us from taking your case to court if you’re not offered the settlement you deserve. We compassionately fight for your best interests and won’t take the easy way out. When you hire an attorney at Clark and Mitchell, P.C., know that we will do everything in our power for any Oklahoma City residents affected by medical malpractice.


They stepped into my shoes and they fought for me very personally and passionately.